Mehran suzuki AKA boss of pakistan

Mehran – The Boss

There is hardly any driver in Pakistan who hasn’t driven Mehran at least once in his life. It is such a popular car in Pakistan that people also call it “The Boss” and nobody can simply mess with it. From Karachi to Khyber, from the plain lands of Punjab and to the mountainous ranges of GB and Balochistan, Boss is available everywhere. Here are the facts about Mehran which makes it the most common car in Pakistan.

1- It Can Go To Anywhere, Anytime

Mehran in Dam
Mehran in Dam

Boss is such a wonderful beast that you can go to any part of the country without worrying about anything. One can use it on Motorway as well as for off-roading.

2- Spare Parts Are Available Even On The Moon

Its spare parts are so common in Pakistan that you can find them even from a Cigarette Wala Khokha. No need to mention that these parts are very cheap as well.

3- Perhaps The Cheapest Car in Pakistan

 Mehran Spare Parts
Mehran Modification

One of the main reason of the popularity of Boss is its price. It is the cheapest car available in Pakistan. Almost anybody can afford it.

4- Low Milage, It Literally Just Smell The Fule

Mehran Speed
Mehran Speed

Rs 100/= main pora week.

5- Best Car For The Learners

Learning on Mehran

90% of the total drivers in Pakistan right now have learned their driving on Boss. Even in the presence of so many automatic cars these days, Boss is still preferred upon any other car.

6- Boss Is Available in AC, I Sware…

Mehran AC
Mehran AC

Believe it or not, BOSS has AC in some of its models, and its a chilled one. Never underestimate the power and luxury of the Boss.

7- Can Be Used For Drifting

Mehran Drifting
Mehran Drifting

And if you are good enough, you can use it for drifting as well. If you don’t know how to drift on boss, perhaps you have to consult a Pindi Boy


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