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Intelligence bureau Latest Sample papers

Intelligence bureau Latest Sample papers 

Following Intelligence bureau Latest Sample papers contains blanks,multiple choice answers and true false which have been repeated multiple times in Intelligence bureau and ISI tests. Reading and remembering them will help you clear the exam with flying marks. Apart from that it will also add to your general knowledge.

1-BRICS consists of how many countries?

2- When did Pakistan became the member of SCO?

3- Who is the 45th President of United States? Trump

4- Who is the President of Turkey?

5- The real name of UN secretary general is Antio Gutteras.

6-What is HCL ? Acid

7- SCO consists of how many members?

8- What is the melting point of ice?

9-What is the meaning of USHER?

10- Whats is the meaning of Ghazwa?

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Intelligence bureau Latest Sample papers

11-What is BRICS SUMMIT?

12-What is the WARSAW PACT?

13-Tabook was fought with whom?

14-Pressure increases or decreases with temperature increase?

15- Gas used in refrigerator is known as?

16- First Muslim country to recognize Pakistan? (Iran)

17- Last conference of BRICS held in? INDIA

18- Water Freezing is less than or equals to

19- IN NIGHT PLANTS TAKE OXYGEN. ( Similarly they release CO2 in night time).

20- When the first General Elections took place?

21- What is Zimmie?

22- Which river did Pakistan surrender during Indus Water Treaty?

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Intelligence bureau Latest Sample papers

1. A person with ‘AB’ blood group is generally known as: Universal Recipient.

2. ——— can be used to confirm whether drinking water actually contains a gamma emitting isotope or not? Scintillation counter

3. Nehru report was published on? August 15, 1928

4. Nehru committee was constructed to make the universal constitution of India which completed its task in? 3 months

5. Simon report was unanimously condemned: by all political parties of India

6. Hormones contain iodine? Thyroxine

7. When first time Simon Commission visited India? 1928

8. When second time Simon Commission visited India? 1929

9. Simon Commission report was originally published in May 1930.

10. Who helped Quaid e Azam in preparation of 14 points? Moulana Hakim

Intelligence bureau Latest Sample papers

11. Highest military award of Russia is? Order of the patriotic war
12. Which is the hottest planet of Solar System among other planets? Venus
13. Planet which revolves very slowly around sun? Neptune

14. National poet of Afghanistan? Khusal Khan Khattak

15. Planet nearest to the earth? Venus

16. Highest military award of Italy is known as Medal for Valour
17. World’s narrowest street is Vicolo della Vrirlita
18. Boundary line between Canada and US is called? 49 parallel line
19. “Diamond Ring” is a phenomenon observed? Only along peripheral regions of the totality trial
20. Alpha particles carry two positive charges. Its mass is very nearly equal to? An atom of helium

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  1. Pakistan is the world’s 9th largest ——– speaking country? English
  2. Probably the first battle of Terain was fought between Muhammad Ghori and Rajputs under the command of Govind Rai, as a result Ghori was defeated in this battle.
  3. In 1192 AD, second battle of Terain was fought and Rajputs were actually defeated in this battle.
  4. Moreover the battle of Tarrain was also known as Battle of Tarairi.
  5. Pakistan has the 2nd largest salt mine.
  6. Youngest Pakistani boy to be certified Microsoft Professional? Babar Iqbal

Intelligence bureau Latest Sample papers

  1. Highest railway station in Pakistan? Landi Kotal
  2. Moon completes its orbit around the earth in? 27.3 days
  3. Convex lens is also called magnifying glass.
  4. People living in high altitudes usually have? Large number of RBC
  5. The earth’s axis is tilted by? 23.5O
  6. German silver is an alloy of? Copper, Nickel and Zinc
  7. Which is actually the most reactive metal? Francium

Intelligence bureau Latest Sample papers

  1. Kashmir state was bought by Gulab Singh from British ruler for? Rs 7.5 million
  2. Kashmiri Muslim launched a freedom movement against Dogra Raj in? 1930
  3. Who is known as Father of modern chemistry? Antoine Lavoisier
  4. Who invented moto-cycle? Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach
  5. Alfred Nobel is associated with the invention of? Dynamite
  6. Disease usually spread through milk? Tuberculosis
  7. Vitamin which is susceptible of heat destruction? Vitamin C
  8. In Shimla deputation, how many Muslims leaders participated? 35
  9. When Lord Minto II came to India as Viceroy? 1905
  10. Reign of Lord Minto II in Sub Continent? 1905-1910

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  1. Muslim leaders drew up a plan of separate electorates for their community and presented it to viceroy? Lord Minto
  2. Who drafted rules and regulations of the ML? Muhammad Ali Jouhar
  3. First central office of ML was set up at? Aligarh
  4. Highest military award of Britain? Victoria Cross
  5. Highest military award of India? Param Vir Chakra
  6. Highest military award of Japan? Order of the rising sun
  7. First film which wins the Oscar? Wings
  8. WORM – Write Once Read Many
  9. Parkinson is a disease of? Brain
  10. Oncology is actually the study of? Cancer
  11. 1 nibble is equals to 4 bits.
  12. Who passed Indian Councils Act 1861? British Government

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Pakistan Affairs

  1. When Indian troops began crossing the border of East Pakistan and helped Mukti Bahani to attack on Pakistan Army? November 1971
  2. Largest radio station in Pakistan is in which city? Islamabad
  3. Who is the actual writer of Sassi Pannu? Hashim Shah
  4. Who is the actual writer of Sohni Mahiwal? Fazal Shah
  5. Which is the largest sector of Pakistan economy? Agriculture
  6. Dominant source of foreign exchange earning? Agriculture
  7. Boiling of an egg is a change which is? Chemical
  8. Temperature of a liquid nitrogen is? -196OC
  9. If we add an alkali to acidic solution, as a result the pH of the acidic solution will? Increases to 7 and then decreases

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  1. Usual raw material for ceramics? Clay
  2. Man belongs to which family? Hominidae

Intelligence bureau Latest Sample papers

  1. Adam is the word of language? Syrian
  2. Youngest son of Hazrat Adam? Hazrat Shees
  3. First preacher of Islam appointed by Holy Prophet for the people of Madina? Musab bin Umari
  4. After the battle of yermuk, the new supreme commander of Muslims? Abu ubaidah
  5. Who has been titled as “Saifullah”? Khalid bin Waleed
  6. When did the event of social boycott of Banu Hashim took place? 7th year of Nabvi

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