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Rawalpindi also known as Pindi is fourth largest city of Pakistan in which people from all provinces of Pakistan are settles. Their Philosophy is to eat,drink and be happy. They are Lively people who are fond of good food.
Following are the top 5 places to eat desi food in Rawalpindi.

5) Shahanshah Tikka: Located in food street near Nawaz sharif park, this place offers the best makhni karahi and chicken tikkas in the town. Their taste of chicken related items is outstanding, however they have some serious hygiene concern. I wouldn’t suggest going there with family as the environment is not suitable for this purpose.

4) Savour Foods : If you are Palao lover then this place is heaven for you. Their chicken Palao with shami kabab serving is famous all over Pakistan because of taste, quality, quantity and affordable price. In just 150 rupees you can satisfy your taste buds along with your tummy. Their first branch is on college road and second one in food street. One always has to wait for his turn on peak hours and on Friday one might have to wait for more than two hours as Potohari people love to eat rice on Friday.

3) Kala khan nihari: Located in Kartar Pura (Down town of Rawalpindi) this place offers the best nihari in the town. The place is more like a dhabba but well maintained and clean and the serving is perfect with hot kulchas and green chilies and ginger. It’s not an upscale place so don`t expect any fancy sitting however they don`t compromise on taste and that`s the best thing. For tasting this you have to leave your house at 4 am in summers and at about 5:30 am in winters because in less than hour they are finished.

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2) Bala tikka: If you are a true foodie and want to eat best mutton makhni karahi in the town, then Bala tikka is the place for you. Located of first branch is in a crowded place, so you have to be patient. The rates are acceptable as compared to other restaurants of saddar and murree road but tast is awsome. They are also located in PWD so if you are looking for better ambiance then PWD branch is the best option for you.

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1) Mustafa Dar-ul-Mahi Fish Shop : Located in Hathi chowk, saddar this place is the best to eat both fried and bar b q fish. Finger and pamphlet fish is their specialty.The only negative point about this place is that you have to park your car in saddar bazar and then you have to walk for 5 minutes towards this place as the streets are narrow and going on car wouldn’t be a good decision.

A part from these food places, pindi has Habibi, Butt Karahi, Charsi tikka options as well but these are the franchise of restaurants that started in some other cities and  now they have expanded their cities to Pindi as well.

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