In the race of doing business online and providing services through website OUTFITTERS HAS COMPLETELY FAILED. And BLACK FRIDAY SALE ON OUTFITTERS WAS NOTHING BUT A SCAM.

Outfitters : Ordering a jacket

I ordered a leather jacket from their website 20 days ago on Black Friday sale. I received an order confirmation email. After 8 days of booking my order I called to ask about my order. At first the line was busy for about half an our. When the line finally connected, no one picked up the phone. After trying several times finally the operator picked up and said “your order is booked and it will be dispatched shortly” in a very rude manner. Like they are giving it for free or something. Lol!
 After another week passed, i called again. The operator picked up and gave me a new number saying we have made changes. That aside, after calling for like 100 times, operator picked up my phone and told me the same thing “your order is confirmed it will be dispatched in 3-5 days”.
SERIOUSLY?? 3-5 more days?
5 days after that (December 12th 2017) I received an email saying that your order has beencancelled due to unavailability of item!
This proves that outfitters does not provide items on discounted prices and the sale was fake and nothing more than a scam. This not only happened with me, there are many more victims. If it was just for me, I don’t think I would have decided to speak out.
Is this how a business manages online operations? Is this why we make purchases during sales?
Ordering from outfitters sale costed me time and effort.
Their website and customer support is pathetic. I highly recommend all readers and buyers to NOT to order from Outfitters’ website. It is just wastage of time.

Proof of making an order

Oh  and talking about proofs, I am attaching the screenshot of the order cancellation email I received. Just look at how many recipients are there. They are all the victims of this SCAM BY OUTFITTERS!


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