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Aitchison College

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela.

Our great is in a dire need of good educational institutions and even though we have a number of prestigious schools and colleges, many of us are unaware of them and so we have put together a list of 10 schools after carrying out various surveys covering academics, sports and co-curricular activities, administration, college admissions, school environment, discipline and satisfaction level.

Starting from number 10 we have:

10- Cadet College, Kohat:

CCK is considered a very important institution to the strong Pakistan Army, not only because of its brilliant academic record but also because of various physical and co-curricular activities CCK provides. The college admissions merit is high and so only the top students are admitted into this prestigious college. However it has not been heard of much in the past years because it failed to make a roaring impact while other military colleges gained momentum and sky-rocketed up in the list.

Many boys enroll into the Pakistan Army after graduation.


9- Chand Bagh School, Muridke:

Chand Bagh School Main Building

Chand Bagh is one of the best boarding schools in all of Pakistan whose students have excellent academic records and are pretty good when it comes to sports as well. Their hockey team is considered to be one of the best in the country (High school level).

In teen culture, it is considered as the Don School of Pakistan because of the quarrelsome behavior of its students but then again, this same name tag has reduced Chand Bagh to the ninth spot.

8- Lawrence College, Ghora Gali:

Aerial view of Lawrence College

Lawrence college has fought its way up to the rankings, Lawrence College is widely known through out Pakistan and often its name is spoken parallel to elite schools like Aitchison College and Hasanabdal Cadet College.

Lawrence stands at 8th place only due to environment complains by students and parents.

7- Beaconhouse School System Gulberg, Lahore:

Focusing mainly on high quality education, Beaconhouse has, to a great extent, lived up to the expectations. This is the top spot Beaconhouse Gulberg has ever achieved and this too because of its recent achievements in the fields of academics and co-curricular.

Beaconhouse Gulberg was able to score tremendously well in the recent O and A Levels examinations and achieved more (on average) A and A*s as compared to other Beaconhouse and LGS branches. It could have climbed up in the rankings but because there are almost no sports activities in this high-achiever branch, we have decided to put it in the seventh place.

6- Sadiq Public School, Bahawalpur:

Sadiq Public School Entrance Gate

Sadiq Public School like Chand Bagh is one of the best boarding schools in Pakistan and one of the very few to offer boarding for girls at high school level. It has a huge campus of 451 acres and dozens of on-campus activities to keep the students busy. But its students did a lot more than just keep themselves busy with these activities and utilized these to achieve greatness in a number of sports and co-curricular fields.

Along with extra curricular activities Sadiq Public School has a staggering academic record. The students are very much satisfied with the environment they are in and their slogans are actually very popular in other colleges and schools (we’re talking about ‘Yeee Sadiqannns’).

5- Cadet College, Hasanabdal:

Cadet College Hasanabdal Main Gate

Military schools are very popular in Pakistan and CCH is the most popular among them. It has contributed a lot to the Pakistan Army as almost all of the graduates are selected to join the strong Army and it does that by providing a military environment to the students as well as providing the best academic support. The students of CCH are disciplined like no other college or school in Pakistan and are considered and not only that, they have staggering academic and sports records. However, because of various complaints regarding the administration, the college couldn’t make past the number five spot.

4- Aitchison College, Lahore:

Aitchison College Senior School

Established in 1886, and situated in the heart of Lahore just next to the Governor’s house, Aitchison College was once considered the best college/high school in all of South Asia. Notable Alumni includes World-Cup winning captain Imran Khan, former President Farooq Leghari and number of prominent politicians and businessmen.

More recently, in the years 2013 and 2014, the football team of Aitchison was considered to be one the best in both Pakistan and India (High school level). The college students were getting admissions from world’s best universities and Aitchison College’s name was all over Pakistan.

But unfortunately, Aitchison has now been taken over by an unprofessional administration, and the policies being implemented are leading to the destruction of centuries old traditions and not only that, the college failed to prevail in its annual sports fixtures except in cricket and the academics are on an all-time low. Complains regarding the current administration have gathered up numbers but nothing seems to work for the gentlemen of Aitchison.

What is surprising is that the students still managed to pull through, although a very few, as some managed to get into Ivy Leagues, Aitchison’s debating team made headlines in a number of national and international events and college’s ArtFest was pretty good.


3- Pakistan Air Force College, Sargodha:

PAF Sargodha Main Gate

PAF Sargodha is the best military institutes in Pakistan. Being run under the Pakistan Air Force it has a lot to offer to the students who wish to apply. It not only excels in giving its students high quality academic tuition but also gives a comprehensive military training before hand to the boys who attend the school. The school has a lot to offer in the field of Sports as well, their teams are considered the best in Pakistan (filter: Military institutions only). The college provides its students with a totally military environment that helps the boys to prepare for the air force both mentally and physically.

2- Lahore Grammar School (LGS) 55 Main, Lahore:

55 main campus

While everyone else was busy ranting about how small 55’s campus is, the girls were busy taking control of their lives and everything else for that matter.

55 main is not just another campus bearing the name of Lahore Grammar School, it is a lot more than that. It has one of the best administrations in all of Lahore and a staggering record of O and A level results. Furthermore, the girls from 55 main stood out securing admissions in many prestigious universities in the US namely Stanford, MIT, Brown, University of California Berkeley and many others. LGS provides one of the best school environments in all of Lahore. In a time of wild requests, addictions and breaking of traditions, girls from 55 refuse to bow down to the changing culture and remain classic as ever.

1- Karachi Grammar School (KGS), Karachi:

KGS Senior Campus

Out of all the schools KGS has stood first in our list.  KGS along with an amazing administration has a lot to offer to their students. Their students are one of the best in Pakistan securing distinctions in O and A Level examinations every year and in addition to that they have highly experienced counselors, who are responsible for a toll of Ivy League admissions. KGS provides a very entertaining environment to its students who are really happy with their administration and teachers plus KGS won the most number of national and international events as compared to all other Pakistani schools and colleges. Oh and their debating team is not to be messed with.


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