Washington USA: Insha Afsar a 17 years old girl from Muzaffarabad, Azad-Kashmir lost her one leg in deadly earthquake of 8th October 2005 in which more then 1 lac people were dead and more than 3 million residents of northern areas were made refugees by this natural disaster. Insha was one of those who lost her leg and was taken to US after six months to be fitted with a prosthetic leg. This is where she caught the attention of a photographer and her pic got viral on social media. After spending some time in USA she made new friends in US who invited her to learn skiing. In the beginning she was a bit scared as being from the backward area and having no idea of this sports made him nervous but it was then she decided to excel skiing. Start days were quite tough for her as maintaining the posture and balancing on one feet wasn’t an easy task but this brave girl broke the stereotypes and became one of the fastest paralyzed skier of her town.
“I’m a person that likes going fast, doing everything fast. I just like speed,” said Insha.
She further said that motivation and self belief is what drives you crazy and you can achieve heights. Her family members and relative never supported her in learning skiing as its not common to be an athlete in Pakistan. But Insha`s hope are too high and in upcoming year 2018 she is hopeful to represent her country in Paralympics that will be held in South Korea for which she has started practicing in program supported by National Sports center for disable people.


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