Lahore City
Lahore City

Since this city originated, it has witnessed many seasons  of tranquility and troubles on its way. There wooden balconies and classy windows (Jharokas) add beauty and richness in the architecture. Many of civilizations have left their impressions on the architecture of Lahore.

But, Lahore remained in limelight during all the rules and empires eras and now, Lahore is the cultural capital of Pakistan. One could find generation old traditions in narrow streets of walled city.

You can see Hindu temples, Sikh Gurduwaras, Muslim Havelis while walking in these streets. These narrow winding streets remain crowded and full of hustle and bustle all the times. The entire structure of walled city is based on Mohallas, Koocha and streets. One can find here, world’s most narrowest streets and the most welcoming and overwhelmed hospitality culture that makes it, a city of wonders and magnificence. There people live like a family and they have kept the beauty of hospitality and traditional values alive.

Life during night at Delhi Gate


These narrow winding streets where, whole neighborhood is like a family


Customers and shopkeepers relation has generations old ties


Wooden balcony with traditional Jharoka


These old mohallas and narrow streets are fading their colors as facing the decay process of time but their hospitality is alive

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